Why has my subscription been changed?

If you have received an email saying that your subscription has been changed, this will be explained below.

If you have seen on your Cookiebot account that the number of subpages identified by the Cookiebot scanner has changed and thereby the subscription size, this will also be covered below.

How is the subscription size determined? Can I choose it myself?

When the Cookiebot scanner scans your domain for cookies and trackers, it also determines the number of subpages on that domain. It is the number of subpages on (each of) your domain(s) that determines the subscription size needed and this is set automatically (see below).

  • Small – up to 500 (sub)pages
  • Medium – up to 5000 (sub)pages
  • Large – more than 5000 (sub)pages

Read more about the pricing.

Why has my subscription been changed to a larger (and more expensive) size?

If you have recently opened an account on cookiebot.com or if you have recently added a (new) domain, the first full scan of your website will complete within app. 24 hours. If, during this scan, it is determined that your website has more than 100 pages and does not qualify for the ‘free subscription’ then you will receive an email about it from Cookiebot. Please see:  According to WordPress I have less than 100 pages on my website. Why does your scanner say that I have more than 100? 

If you are on a premium subscription and have received an email saying that your subscription has been changed to a larger subscription size, you can check the number of subpages identified and see an URL list of these:

  1. Log in to your account https://manage.cookiebot.com/goto/login
  2. Go to the menu point ‘Cookies’
  3. Choose your domain from the tabs (if you have multiple domains)
  4. See the subscription size and number of subpages identified on the top of the page
  5. If you click on the number of subpages (hyperlink), a URL list with up to 10,000 of the subpages identified by our scanner will download.

My subscription has been changed from a free subscription to a 1-month trial (Premium). How do I get back on the free subscription?

If your website contains more than 100 subpages, you will need a Premium subscription. The subscription price will be determined based on the number of subpages on your domain.

If your website now contains 100 subpages or less (and you only have 1 domain), it is possible to get back on the free subscription.

  1. Save all data you may need, cancel your account (https://manage.cookiebot.com/goto/cancelaccount), wait 5-10 minutes and then create a new account.
  2. Add your domain and implement the new scripts. This account (and the associated scripts) will be a free subscription for as long as your page count does not increase above the 100.
  3. If you do this within the 1-month trial period, there will be no cost to you.

Please note that unfortunately this is not something that we can do for you.

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