Support for existing Cookiebot customers

In need of support for your Cookiebot subscribtion? Would you like to use our support-desk and custom banner designs? Follow the instructions below and we will help you, without additional costs, with all your questions regarding implementation, prior-consent, GDPR-issues and custom-banners. If needed we can check your Cookiebot setup and configuration in the Cookiebot manager. (All your current settings remain intact).

CookieInfo receives a kickback fee from Cookiebot when appointing CookieInfo as your reseller. This enables us to provide you with first line support and the use of our custom banner designs. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged out of the Cookiebot back-end in all your browser windows before you proceed.

When ready click this link and follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Do not fill in the form, but click the login link on the right upper side, as shown in the screen.

A logon screen will appear instead of the create an account screen.

Step 2

Log in with your e-mail address and password, related to your existing Cookiebot account.

You are all set and can use our support-desk without additional cost.

30 day free trial Cookiebot

Cookie scanner, cookie banner, cookie declaration en cookie consent in one solution.

  • Use cookies on your website compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and cookie legislation
  • Cookie management completely automated
  • Cookie banner based on your corporate identity
  • Automatic composed cookie declaration, always up to date

The Cookiebot solution runs on 500,000+ websites, manages 13 billion User Consents and supports 40+ languages. CookieInfo is the largest Cookiebot partner in Europe.