Features Cookiebot

Advantages website visitors

  • Your website visitor chooses which category of cookies may be placed.
  • The website remains accessible (no cookie wall).
  • The cookie banner informs about cookies and the purpose of those cookies.
  • The cookie statement page provides a handy and readable overview of the cookies on your website.
  • Your website visitor can easily adjust his/her preferences regarding cookies.
  • All cookie choices are registered anonymously in a log.

Advantages website owner

  • Easy installation of the cookie banner and cookie statement with 2 scripts
  • Your website is scanned monthly for cookies and trackers, because 30% of the cookies change monthly
  • The cookie statement is automatically updated every month
  • You will receive a monthly report with information about the cookies and trackers on your website. Also which ones are new and which ones have been removed.
  • The style of the banner can be adapted to the corporate identity of your company/organisation
  • All cookie choices are registered anonymously in a log.

Cookie scanner: finds all tracking technologies

An important point in the GDPR legislation is that you are fully aware of all tracking technologies on your website and that you know which user data you share with third parties and where this data is sent. It is therefore essential that you find and explain all tracking technologies on your website.

Cookiebot makes this easy for you. The cookie scanner scans your website for the 10 most well-known tracking technologies , including those behind your login system:

  • HTTP cookies
  • JavaScript cookies
  • HTML5 Local Storage 1st party cookies
  • HTML5 Local Storage 3rd party cookies
  • IndexedDB
  • Silverlight Isolated Storage
  • Flash Local Shared Object
  • web beacons
  • Ultrasound beacons
  • Pixel tags

Monthly cookie scan and reporting

The world is not static and the same goes for tracking technologies. New technology arises and the old disappears. On average, more than 30% of all cookies and tracking technologies change every month. That is why one of the most important requirements of the EU regulations is that you are fully aware of all cookies and trackers on your website.

Cookiebot’s comprehensive monthly report informs you of the following:

  • how many new cookies are there on your website
  • how many cookies have disappeared or been deleted
  • where new cookies have been placed on your website
  • where new cookies have been placed in your website code
  • the source of cookies and trackers on your website
  • the information your website shares with third parties and where it is sent

As a website owner, this information allows you to determine whether the cookies and trackers are a necessary requirement for running your business and/or website, or whether they can be deleted. This also allows you to determine whether a DPIA ( Data Protection Impact Assessment ) is required and, if so, provide essential information to be included in your DPIA.

The scanner scans the entire website including all sub pages where cookies and tracking technology may be in use.
This includes dynamic pages and pages with iframes, videos, popups , etc.
This deep scan is there to ensure that all cookies and trackers are found (and are thus compliant) in order to display accurate information when a website visitor is asked to give consent.

Cookie Consent Banner

Obtaining user consent before enabling tracking technologies is an important requirement for GDPR. Cookiebot supports the ‘prior consent’ requirement by refusing all types of cookies and trackers until the website visitor has consented to their use (by simply clicking the pop-up cookie consent banner).

You can also choose to offer ‘multi-level consent’, where the user can choose which types of cookies they want to block, putting ultimate control in the hands of the user and boosting trust in your company or brand.

Registration of consent for cookies

Under GDPR you must be able to demonstrate which permission website users have indicated for cookies and trackers. Cookiebot records and keeps track of all consents in an anonymized consent log, so that you can access proof of consent in the event of an audit.

Safety and security are high on our agenda, so all permissions are passed over a secure SSL connection and encrypted for storage.

Withdrawal of consent

The ability for users to change their mind and withdraw their consent is an important part of GDPR . It should be as easy to withdraw consent as it was to give. In other words, if you click on a banner to consent, you must also be able to click a banner to withdraw your consent.

Cookiebot makes this possible . Again, if chosen, Cookiebot’s multi-level consent system gives the user the choice. This means that, for example, the user can choose to opt out of the collection of marketing cookies, while consenting to cookies related to statistics.

Automatic cookie statement

Cookiebot automatically generates an up-to-date cookie statement each month based on the specific tracking technologies enabled on your site. This can be published on all your web pages, for example on your privacy policy page. View the cookie statement.

Being a ‘dynamic’ page, it also automatically shows the user’s current consent position and allows the user to change or revoke a consent.

Additional features and benefits:

Automatic cookie descriptions

Cookiebot maintains a central database of cookie definitions, describing the function of each known cookie or tracker. Whenever Cookiebot detects a cookie on your website, it automatically pulls information from its database to describe the cookie’s function for visitors to your website.
If desired, we can change the description and save it in your banner.

Auto detect language

Cookiebot’s software automatically detects the user’s language based on their browser preferences and displays text in the consent banner in the user’s preferred language.
There are currently customizable text templates in 43 languages.

Supports accessibility standards

To accommodate users of assistive technology, such as speech recognition software, our banner by default complies with the WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA accessibility standards of the World Wide Web Consortium.

One permission for multiple domains

If you have more than one website or if your website has multiple subdomains, Cookiebot offers a ‘one consent’ option, where website users can give one consent that applies to all domains. With this option you can let website users give permission on their first visit to one of your websites.

web browsers

The Cookiebot collection system works with all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera) that are compatible with HTML4 and HTML5 and supports JavaScript and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We offer firstline support for Cookiebot!

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