Design service

Do you have requirements other than the standard Cookiebot cookie banner or the CookieInfo custom cookie banners? Contact us and we will discuss your needs to create your cookie banner design to your specifications in an GDPR compliant manner.

  • Customization based on style sheets (css)
  • Adjustments to template (cookie banner, cookie statement).
  • Design and configuration of cookie banner in line with corporate identity


Need support implementing your Consent Management Platform (CMP)? We help to add a CMP to your WordPress, Google Tag Manager or HTML template.

  • Cookiebot or Usercentrics account
  • Implementation CMP for WordPress, GTM or HTML template
  • Categorization of cookies and trackers
  • Integration with TAG manager
  • Implementation cookie banner
  • Implementation of cookie statement


Implementation successful, but need help configuring tags and scripst? We help you configure WordPress or Google Tag Manager so that the CMP works optimally with your scripts and tags.

  • Cookiebot or Usercentrics account
  • Configuring WordPress or GTM
  • Configuration of cookie banner in line with corporate identity
  • Categorization of cookies and trackers
  • Drafting of privacy policy
  • Optimization of opt-in rates


CookieInfo consulting activities can be divided into technical, legal and marketing consulting. Thus, we support the various disciplines involved in the use of cookies and tracking technologies such as web administrator, marketer and lawyer.

  • Implementation advice using present Content Management System (CMS).
  • Formulate and implement cookie policies
  • GDPR legislation and compliance regarding tracking technologies
  • Integration with TAG manager systems
  • Better data through optimized cookie banner

Project Management

With CookieInfo project management, we ensure that a CMP implementation can proceed smoothly. We listen to all requirements and make sure that all those involved in a project, such as the web administrator, marketer and lawyer all act at the right time. That’s how we get results quickly.

Google reviews – CookieInfo 4.6

Melvin Woudenberg | socialbrothers

Super good help, thinking along and proactive advice. Moreover, the tool does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Danny de Haan | Frankwatching

At Frankwatching, we have had a very nice partnership with CookieInfo for over a year now. If we have questions, we get quick answers.

Michel Verdoes | bax shop

Excellent help with implementation and support! Quick response to questions, personal attention and solution-oriented – nice working with CookieInfo!

Professional services

Contact us if you would like additional support, assistance, consulting or project management in implementing or configuring your CMP.

Adapt your CMP to your needs

Flexibility and customization of a CMP is crucial. We will help you configure your Cookie Banner, which legal basis is used for each service, colors, user behavior, decline button or not. Many elements of a CMP are customizable.

Respect the privacy of your website visitors. Get more out of your cookies along with CookieInfo.