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In need of Cookiebot support for your Cookiebot subscription? Would you like to use our support desk and custom cookie banner designs? Follow the instructions below and we will help you with questions regarding Cookiebot implementation, prior consent, GDPR issues and Cookiebot cookie banners. If needed we can check your Cookiebot setup and configuration in the Cookiebot manager. (All your current settings and pricing remain the same).

CookieInfo receives a kickback fee from Cookiebot when you appoint CookieInfo as your Cookiebot reseller. This enables us to provide you with first line support and the use of the CookieInfo custom cookie banner designs. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged out of the Cookiebot back-end in all your browser windows before you proceed.

When ready click this link and follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Cookiebot support

Do not fill in the form, but click the login link below the blue “Create Account” button, as shown in the screen.

A logon screen will appear instead of the create an account screen.

Create Cookiebot subscription.

Step 2

Log in with your e-mail address and password, related to your existing Cookiebot subscription / account.

You are all set and can use our Cookiebot support desk without additional cost.

About CookieInfo

We are the largest Cookiebot partner worldwide operating from Europe. We like to advise you and get the use of cookies and trackers on your website fully compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. We firmly believe that all websites can be successful with the use of a cookie plugin which includes a cookie scanner, cookie consent banner, cookie declaration and consent log . We provide Cookiebot support and guidelines through our manuals, articles, videos, trainings, e-books and custom banners. You can also give us a call or send us an email.

With a high opt-in rate percentage on marketing cookies, our custom cookie banner designs let you conduct online business while still being GDPR-compliant. Have a look!

We offer you the Cookiebot solution combined with our Dutch and English support desk, Knowledge Base and Custom Cookie Banner Designs. More about CookieInfo can be found here.

Any questions?

Fill in the contact form, send us an e-mail or call us at:
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