Cookies and analytics

Marketing and analytical cookies are important for website owners. Discovery how you can remain using them in favour of your online efforts & goals.

Cookies and GDPR

Learn how to comply with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR).

Gain trust

Be transparent about which and how you use cookies on your website. The right cookie policy strengthens trust.

How to make your cookies GDPR compliant?

Download the free GDPR cookie banner guidelines eBook. Learn how you can use cookies and trackers on your website while being compliant with GDPR and ePR.

Discovery what is required for your cookie banner and cookie declaration

How to respect privacy and consent choices of website visitors.

Who needs to do what? Find out what it takes to implement a cookie policy for your organisation.

The CookieInfo “cookie guide” is the most comprehensive online guide available with all information on cookies, legislation and techniques.

Edition 2021. More than dan 5000 downloads.