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On this page (scroll down) you will find our automatically generated cookie declaration, which you can use as part of your cookies policy. It is part of the solution we offer and can be used for GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA and other cookie law requirements. The cookie policy generator is powered by a cookie scanner and populates the cookie declaration accordingly. It is a fully automated process updated with each new monthly cookie scan.

Cookie policy generator. Example cookie declaration - CookieInfo
Example cookie declaration – CookieInfo

The automatic cookie declaration is part of the Cookiebot Consent Management Platform included in the free and subscription version. The cookie scanner categorizes all first and third party cookies and trackers found on your website. It then automatically populates your cookie template. The ideal cookie policy generator for your website.

30% of cookies and trackers on your website change monthly

Save time by using the cookie scanner to update your cookie overview monthly. You can implement it on your website as a separate cookie declaration page or embed it into an existing Privacy Policy. It ensures you are compliant with cookie laws like GDPR and ePrivacy policies and guidelines.

The solution contains the following elements:

  • A standard introduction text informing the website user about the use of cookies and trackers.
  • Available in 40+ languages.
  • Information about the domains that the user’s consent is valid for is automatically included.
  • Your website user can see the current cookie consent state, change this consent or completely withdraw consent. If the user clicks ‘change your consent’ or ‘withdraw your consent’ the cookie consent banner will re-appear.
  • Cookie declaration date is automatically updated when a cookie scan has been performed on the website.
  • A list of all cookies and trackers in use on your website – categorized in Necessary, Preferences, Statistics and Marketing – A purpose description and additional information is included. This information is automatically drawn from the latest cookie scan report for your website and is automatically updated with each new cookie scan.

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Free cookie guide

The CookieInfo cookie guide is the most comprehensive online guide available with all information on cookies, legislation and techniques. Download this free cookie guide. Learn how you can use cookies on your website while being compliant with GDPR and ePR.