Become a CookieInfo partner

Help your customers get compliant with GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy regulations

Implement 2 scripts on your customers website (Also possible in combination with Google Tag Manager). The first script operates the cookie banner and automatic cookie blocking. The second script generates the automatic maintained cookie declaration.
A fully automated cookie consent management solution which complies with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations.

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Advantages of the CookieInfo partner program:  

Dutch and English support on technical and GDPR related issues

Direct contact for Partners and their customers

Cookie manager access to manage multiple customers

Support by e-mail or phone

Partners keep the customer relation

One solution takes care of GDPR/ePR compliance with cookie usage on your website

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Hotelchamp is founded in Amsterdam (April 2015) by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk to restore a fair balance between direct versus third party hotel bookings. Together with their experienced team of 50+ employees, they are successfully providing smart technology solutions for hotel websites resulting in direct bookings.

Hotelchamp is helping more than 1.500 hotels from over 50 countries to boost their direct bookings. It's the ambition to help hotels worldwide gain more direct bookings and restore a fair balance between their direct channels and third parties.

Legal ICT

We strive to be the leading experts at the intersection of ICT and the law. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we are perfectly equipped to advise you about contracts, intellectual property, privacy compliance and other legal subjects relevant to the Internet and IT. We are flexible and reliable, approaching legal issues in a practical manner.

Legal ICT can act as your organisation’s privacy officer and helpdesk for all your questions concerning privacy and the use of personal data.

From data to action, with Digital Power, THE data partner of the Netherlands

We believe that decisions driven by data lead to the best results. However, data should be the foundation of your decisions and never the end result. You have to collect, structure and interpret the right data to be able to excell. As your data partner, we’ll help you become (more) data-driven. We can help you implement the CookieInfo solution with the use of Google Tag Manager.

Leadstreet are experts in all things HubSpot
They are an international team of HubSpot masters, from CMS to Inbound Marketing, Sales & Service.
Diamond HubSpot Partner: with 40+ combined years of experience in editorial publishing, content, marketing and website development, it is their DNA to craft experiences that help your business gain more customers.