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Making cookies on your clients’ websites comply with the AVG/GDPR?

As a CookieInfo partner, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise around implementing a Consent Management Platform. With this, your clients’ websites will have a cookie scanner, cookie banner, cookie statement, consent log and cookie reporting.

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Implementation partners

PEAK Online Marketing was born out of a passion for online marketing and data. Mick Middelman, founder and driving force behind PEAK, is happy to take you by the hand and guide you in climbing our 3 PEAKs. By making your goals and results measurable , we help you optimize your online marketing activities. This is how we work together towards achieving your intended business results to get the most out of your business.

That your customers want the ability to conduct their business 24/7 is perfectly natural. It is therefore just as natural that your digital environment can handle it. That’s why you work with TRES. We build, maintain and optimize sites and portals with only one goal: to make sure your customers feel confident about your brand and happy to come back to you.

As the first Diamond HubSpot Partner in Belgium, Leadstreet has the most qualified knowledge of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing. HubSpot Certified at 27 levels.
From pinpointing your ideal target audience to defining an Inbound Funnel, including lead nurturing, lead scoring: a clear strategy is your guide. Both for marketing and sales.

Digital Power logo

Digital Power is a team of specialists with a passion for data. We help organizations, large and small, work effectively with data. Our people specialize in Data Analytics, Customer Experience, Data Science and Data Engineering. In multidisciplinary teams, we are the strategic data partner of the Netherlands.


Frankwatching is the place for anyone involved or interested in marketing, communications, social media and tech. Content, quality and independence above all else; instruction, education, knowledge sharing and inspiration are in our genes. Day in and day out, both online (through articles, webinars, job postings and downloads) and offline (through trainings, events and books). Read all about the AVG/GDPR here.

Hotelchamp is founded in Amsterdam (April 2015) by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk to restore a fair balance between direct versus third party hotel bookings. Together with their experienced team of 50+ employees, they are successfully providing smart technology solutions for hotel websites resulting in direct bookings.

Hotelchamp is helping more than 1,500 hotels from over 50 countries to boost their direct bookings. It’s the ambition to help hotels worldwide gain more direct bookings and restore a fair balance between their direct channels and third parties. Check the Hotelchamp offering here.


For 15 years, ICTRecht has been providing specialized legal advice on ICT, privacy and the Internet. ICTRecht does this with a team of more than 60 specialists – from offices in Amsterdam, Groningen and Brussels. Advisors have unique specialized knowledge and long-standing experience in privacy, digitization issues, contract law, information technology, e-commerce, cloud and continuity solutions, among others. In addition, ICTRecht has a recognized training institution accredited by the Bar Association and has a full secondment department.

View CookieInfo – ICT Law legal cookie audit capabilities here.

Privacy Secure

PRIVACY SURE IS THE AVG SPECIALIST FOR ZZP AND MSM. Of course, you want to handle your customers’ and employees’ data well. But do you know exactly what steps to take to comply with privacy laws? Many business owners do not have time to learn about the AVG. Moreover, sometimes the legislation is complicated and inaccessible or you do not have the right legal knowledge. Privacy Zeker is an AVG specialist and offers business owners all the tools and guidance to comply with the legislation. Check out the CookieInfo – Privacy Certain collaboration page.

Nexwork is a full service online production agency. Based in Maastricht, Nexwork develops, activates, manages and optimizes online platforms and creative online campaigns. Innovative and integrated communication solutions, leading to maximum engagement with the target audience. We make online work.

is an online agency focused on results, experience and innovation. We design and develop surprising websites and creative digital campaigns that help brands and businesses reach their customers. We use online marketing to activate your customer even more and use original social media content to excite your customer. To the point, with good reasoning and a no-nonsense mentality.

Creative ICT, your online partner. With result-oriented websites and web shops combined with effective marketing and conversion-oriented web design, we increase our clients’ online sales. Contact us for options.

Communicating. A profession in its own right. Front language proves that every day. A new project, product or (re)branding? For every question, we know a surprising solution. Sometimes not what you expect, but what you want. With a load of experience, we reach the right target audience in an apt way. Fast, focused, full service and in the right “language. Profit and non-profit, government and business, real estate, retail or service industry: with an appropriate strategy, good concept and beautiful design, we communicate on all fronts

Pingwin is an online marketing agency with a personal approach.

All online marketing services are represented with or without the help of specialist partners. As an SEO agency, we guarantee the rankings to be achieved. A personalized approach with regular contact about the progress of the SEO or other online marketing.

Zero40 works with a permanent team of experienced communications and media specialists. We oversee the communications landscape like no other because of our years of experience. Based on a partnership approach, Zero40 works with specialists in marketing, strategy, concept development and creation, (online) marketing, research and social media.

14 day free trial Cookiebot

Cookie scanner, cookie banner, cookie declaration and cookie consent in one solution.

  • Use cookies on your website compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and cookie legislation
  • Cookie management completely automated
  • Cookie banner based on your corporate identity
  • Automatic composed cookie declaration, always up to date

The Cookiebot solution runs on 1.4 million websites, manages 5.2 billion monthly User Consents and supports 47+ languages.