Privacy statement for visitors applies to all Nubo Works B.V websites.

1. Site management
The website and all related (sub)domains (hereafter CookieInfo) are managed by Nubo Works B.V., where CookieInfo is a trade name of Nubo Works B.V.

2. Visitor data
2a Certain data coming from 1 or more visits to CookieInfo may be kept permanently, but anonymized. This data cannot identify a person, unless there has been opted in by email and name for a newsletter or other action, (cookiebot) trial of the solution via a form.
2b CookieInfo does its best efforts for safe storage of information. CookieInfo can use stored information for some of the following purposes:
2c Sending 1 or more emails, but not limited to, an email that contains log-in information
2d Incidental inform on a product, tip, good to know, where CookieInfo thinks it could benefit the website experience for its visitors.

3. Cookies
3a CookieInfo uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain web pages. Cookies are small tekst files that are placed on a visitors computer. A cookie contains information such as preferences of the visitor. This enables CookieInfo to service returning visitors in a better way.
3b The website visitor can determine his own choices on how CookieInfo sets cookies. You can read our Cookie Declaration here

4. Questions
Questions about our Privacy Policy can be directed to CookieInfo. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

5. Right of information
You have the right to request insight, correct or delete your information.

6. Disclaimer
CookieInfo is authorized to change the contents of this Privacy Policy without notifying the website visitor. Applying changes to the website is sufficient.

Privacy Policy for customers is an ad-on to the Privacy Policy for website visitors and applies to anyone who places an order with CookieInfo.

1. Information provided by the customer:
CookieInfo can use this information for the following purposes:
1a The processing of an order
1b The sending of 1 or more emails in relation to the order, like, but not limited to, an email with log-in information.
1c Incidental inform on a product, tip, good to know, where CookieInfo thinks it could benefit the website experience for its visitors.

2. Sharing information with third parties
Information provided by a customer will not be shared with third parties. There is an exception to this rule:
2a If CookieInfo is summoned by means of legal matters or a court order

3. Security
Data provided by customers on the CookieInfo website is stored in a secure environment.

4. Adjusting customer information
A customer always has the possibility to alter provided information. In certain cases CookieInfo can instruct a customer how this is to be done. In some cases Personal Identification can be required.

Questions or complaints?

Do you have a question or a complaint about the use of your personal information? Please contact us by email. Please send it to

If you are not satisfied with our answer and we cannot solve the matter together? Then please contact the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Contact details

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