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Companies that use the Digital Markets Act ‘gatekeepers’ core platform services in Europe will also need to demonstrate compliance. The act was introduced 11 November 2022, but per March 6th the gatekeepers will need to comply. Use the guide to see what you need to do in order to continue your online advertising efforts.

Digital Markets Act - Gatekeeper Designations, CookieInfo

The European Commission has so far designated six “gatekeeper” companies under the Digital Markets Act, based on the size and influence of their platforms and audiences, and their power in the digital market. The list may grow or change in the future. Core Platform Service parties include Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Meta, Microsoft etc.

The gatekeeper designation means that these platforms and the services they offer have to ensure they’re in compliance with the DMA by March 6, 2024. Otherwise, they risk substantial penalties.

Digital Markets Act timeline - CookieInfo

Requirements for the Digital Markets Act compliance

Companies that use the gatekeepers’ core platform services in Europe will also need to demonstrate their compliance (e.g. collecting and signaling valid user consent) or risk losing access to those platforms and the associated data, user base and revenue.

The Digital Markets Act principals and its lust for user privacy

The Digital Markets Act uses the same principles for user privacy and consent as the EU’s GDPR and ePrivacy Directive (ePD).

A consent management platform (CMP) enables companies to do several things that facilitate valid consent and regulatory compliance with privacy laws.

How can a CMP bennefit you in regard to the Digital Markets Act?

Third-party organizations relying on gatekeepers’ services, that fail to comply, can lose platform access, which would also involve loss of data, audience/customers and negatively affect revenue.

Want to learn about the Digital Markets Act, its implications for your online business and website and why you should prepare and implement an (approved) Consent Management Platform?

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