About CookieInfo | GDPR cookie law and ePrivacy

We are the largest Cookiebot partner worldwide, based in Europe. A perfect solution to manage your cookies and trackers according to European privacy laws like GDPR and ePrivacy and other international cookie laws and regulations around the globe.

Cookies are important

We are cookie fans and we see huge potential in using cookies and tracking technologies on websites and apps. Running a website, webshop or other online business without cookies is almost impossible. GDPR legislation doesn’t make it easy, but not impossible.

Added value

Supporting blogs, webshops, publishers in all sizes, we are dedicated in supporting you to get the maximum benefit from using cookies and trackers, while remaining compliant with GDPR legislation.

In the past years, we have learned about the challenges of using cookies and trackers and share this with our community and customers. 

Relating to customers helped us to develop custom cookie banners with high opt-in percentages while respecting the strict guidelines on cookie consent, thus respecting the privacy of individual website visitors.

We support cookie laws around the world like:

Europe: European cookie law (ePrivacy), DSGVO, FADP, CNIL, etc.
America: California’s CCPA, CPA, ICDPA, TIPA
Middle East / Asia: PDPL, Japan’s APPI and Thailand’s PDPA.
Brazil’s LGPD and South Africa’s POPIA
Australia’s APP
IAB TCF v2.2

As a Dutch organisation, we speak and write fluent English and we can support SME and Corporate entities setting up a Consent Management Platform and managing their cookies.

Our own cookies

For our own website we are also dependent on the use of cookies and trackers. High opt-in percentages on the cookie banner ensure us that our CRM system (ActiveCampaign) benefits from solid leads and enables us to send the right message to our website visitors, customers and prospects.

“We are here to help you comply with European GDPR, ePrivacy and other international directives.”

Ed Kost, founder CookieInfo

Want to know more about us?

If you need more information but you cannot find it on our website. Don’t be shy. We love to here from you. Contact us and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Cookie scanner, cookie banner, cookie declaration and cookie consent in one solution.

  • Use cookies on your website compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and cookie legislation
  • Cookie management completely automated
  • Cookie banner based on your corporate identity
  • Automatic composed cookie declaration, always up to date

The Cookiebot solution runs on 1.4 million websites, manages 5.2 billion monthly User Consents and supports 47+ languages.