Cookie management on auto pilot by implementing 2 scripts.
(Use Google Tag Manager, WordPress plugin or direct in HTML template).
Available in 40+ languages.

  1. Sign up for a Cookiebot free trial
    You can test Cookiebot for 14 days at no cost.
  2. Enter your website URL
    The cookie scanner starts scanning your website for cookies and trackers.
  3. Cookie banner and cookie declaration
    An overview of cookies categorized (necessary, functional, marketing and statistics) is presented in the cookie banner and cookie declaration.
  4. Implement in your website
    Use Google Tag Manager, WordPress plugin or share the scripts with your webmaster. Implement the scripts to enjoy cookie management on auto pilot.

Google reviews – CookieInfo 4.6

Melvin Woudenberg | socialbrothers

Super good help, thinking along and proactive advice. In addition, the tool does exactly what it should do.

Danny de Haan | frankwatching

At Frankwatching we have had a very nice collaboration with CookieInfo for over a year now. If we have any questions, we will get an answer quickly.

Michel Verdoes | bax-shop

Excellent help with implementation and support! Fast response to questions, personal attention and solution-oriented – great to work with CookieInfo!

Cookie management and high opt-in percentages?

Can be used on any website.

Custom banner Cookiebot
Cookie banner on Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Script 1

Is placed in the html-header of your website template to activate the cookie consent banner. (Can also be done with Google Tag Manager or with plugins like WordPress and Hubspot).

Script 2

Is placed in the html of the page where you want to display the cookie declaration.

Automatic generated cookie declaration.

CookieInfo custom banner design.
Cookiebot Swift cookie banner

We support the standard Cookiebot cookie banner… Or use one of the CookieInfo custom cookie banner designs (available during the trial period).

Color, logo and text can be adjusted to your needs in the cookie manager. Need more control? The CookieInfo custom cookie banner templates can be styled and are fully customizable (HTML, CSS, colors, logo, etc.).

The CookieInfo cookie banner designs are free of charge (in combination with a subscription).

The cookie banners and declaration are available in 42 languages.

High opt-in percentages on cookie banner (average 95%).

High opt-in percentage

Cookies are important for functioning of a website and online goals. Achieve high opt-in percentages (average 95%) with the CookieInfo custom cookie banner designs.

A legal statement* with information for your security- or privacy officer. Legal Firm LEGAL ICT – assessed the CookieInfo custom banners.

*Download available on the Custom Banner page.

Cookie checklist.

Cookie consent in line with GDPR and ePrivacy. Automatic cookie blocking: ensures your website is compliant for the use of cookies on your website.

Automatic cookie blocking holds back all first and third party cookies and trackers until user consent is given.


First line support to help you implement the cookie banner and cookie declaration. Our knowledge base guides you through the implementation. Need further assistance? Feel free to contact us 🙂

Respect the privacy of your website visitors. Get more out of your cookies together with CookieInfo.

No creditcard needed!