How is the number of pages of my website determined?

The Cookiebot scanner scans your entire website including all subpages where cookies and tracking technology could be in use. This includes dynamic pages and pages containing iframes, videos, pop-ups etc.

The in-depth scan is to ensure that all cookies and trackers are found and to ensure that the information shown to your website users when they are asked for their consent is accurate (and compliant).

How can I determine for myself how many webpages my website has?

There are several ways to get an (estimate) of how many pages your website has.

  • Site search in Google.

In the Google search bar you can enter  Keep in mind that Google doesn’t index dynamic pages

  • XML Sitemaps

A XML Sitemap is an other way of determaning the number of pages of your website. – For a single sitemap – For a site with multiple sitemaps (Add up the number of pages on each sitemap).

how is the number of pages determined
  • Other tools

You can also try an online “sitemap generator” or “broken link checker”.
Use XML Sitemap Generator fup to 500 pages.
Use online broken link checker tool up to 3000 pages.

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