Create a hyperlink to change cookie consent

The possibility for the website visitor to withdraw – and/or change – a consent is automatically included in the standard template for the Cookie Declaration. This can be implemented as a separate page on your website or it can be embedded into an existing Privacy Policy or similar.

If you do not wish to make use of the Cookie Declaration, then you must provide alternative ways for the user to easily – as easily as it was given – withdraw their consent.

This can be done using the Cookiebot API and you can insert the JavaScript functions “CookieConsent.renew()” or “CookieConsent.withdraw()” which will renew or withdraw a consent by showing the cookie consent dialog to the user:

<a href="javascript: CookieConsent.renew()">Change cookie settings</a>

<a href="javascript: CookieConsent.withdraw()">Revoke your consent</a>

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