Cross-domain Consent Sharing or Bulk Consent for multiple websites or subdomains

Cross-Domain Consent Sharing makes it possible to get consent for multiple domains. If you operate multiple websites from different domains and / or your website operates from several sub-domains, Cookiebot can ask your website visitors for a consent that covers all your domains. Cookiebot refers to this as Cross-domain Consent Sharing. How it works:

If the “cross-domain consent sharing” option is enabled, the Cookiebot solution will save a separate randomly generated unique ID, together with the visitors given consent. When the following criteria are met, the unique ID will be saved (encrypted) in the third-party cookie “CookieConsentBulkTicket”.

cross domain consent sharing for your website - CookieInfo
  • The ‘one-consent’ option is enabled
  • A website-user accepts third-party cookies in the browser
  • The website-user has ‘do not track’ disabled in the browser
  • The website-user gives consent for all, or at least the “preferences” type cookies.

Cross-domain Consent Sharing will be applied to all the domains listed in this Domain Group, but it will not affect any domains you may have listed in other domain groups on your account.

How do I ensure users understand they are giving their consent for multiple websites?

When Cross-domain Consent Sharing is enabled, the following text will automatically be inserted into the cookie consent banner, which the user will see when asked for consent: Your consent applies to the following domains: [domain 1], [domain 2], [domain 3], etc.

This information is visible to the user in the cookie consent banner under ‘Details’ tab.

CookieInfo custom cookie banner.
Cookiebot Swift cookie banner.

In addition, if you have used the standard template for the Cookie Declaration and added it either as a separate menu point on your website or embedded it in e.g. your existing privacy policy, the user will also be reminded of his/her current consent state and the fact that it is given for multiple domains. The text “Your consent applies to the following domains: [domain 1], [domain 2], [domain 3], etc.” automatically appears at the top of the cookie declaration. You can see an example of this on CookieInfo’s own Cookie Declaration.

Changes to consent can only be carried over if cookies in the ‘preferences’ category were accepted.

This also applies when withdrawing consent. By withdrawing consent, permission to carry over consent settings to third-party domains is also revoked.

Testing:Please note that when you test bulk consent, your browser might not update the bulk consent cookie immediately. It may cache the cookie in memory for a while, leaving it unavailable to other sites than the current. We therefor recommend that you close your browser between visits to your domains when testing, as this will flush the cache and make the cookie available to all domains in your domain group.

Is Cross-domain Consent Sharing included in the Free plan?

Cross-domain Consent Sharing is available in the Premium subscription plan only.

Since Google has released their “Storage Partition” feature with Chrome 115, sharing consent between domains has become rather limited.

With storage partitioning it is now only possible to share consent between domains that share the same top-level domain. That means that consent submitted on a domain can be shared with other domains on the same level or with domains on a higher level. The reverse is (unfortunately) not true, consent submitted on a top-level domain can not be shared with sub-domains (those on levels beneath it).

Here is a graphic representation of how consent can be shared between domains:

Domains that do not share the same top-level domain or domains on a level below the domain that you want to pass consent from can share consent.

Here is a graphic representation that shows the limitations imposed by storage partitioning:

These limitations are imposed by the browser and can in no way be bypassed.

Domain groups

Want to organize consent for individual domain groups? Read more about working with Cookiebot “domain groups”.

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