Cookiebot Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode can help you balance data privacy and data-driven business on your website. Combine Cookiebot Google Consent Mode with the CookieInfo custom cookie banner designs to achieve a winning combination. The combination will improve your website performance and marketing goals.

Consent has become an important turning point in our internet economy. This makes the online environment more sustainable by striking a healthy balance between data privacy and digital advertising. Google Consent Mode can once again contribute to this.

Google Consent Mode is a new way to measure conversions and gather analytical insights on your website while being fully GDPR compliant when using services such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Ads.

With Google Consent Mode you can use the services on your website in a simple way, based on the consent of your end users.

In short, Google Consent Mode bridges the gap between privacy and data-driven online advertising by ensuring that your websites analytics and marketing can function seamlessly based on the cookie consent that your website visitor has given.

Finding out which conversions come from which campaigns is a top priority for you as an advertiser. It helps you to optimize campaign bids and allocate budgets to the best performing campaigns.
With Google Consent Mode (beta), advertisers can better understand conversion data, while Google tags help to ensure that conversions match the user’s consent for advertising cookies.

Cookiebot Google Consent Mode
Google Consent Mode (beta) explained, source: Google

Consent to place cookies: Conversions are reported normally.
No permission: the relevant Google tags are tuned to this. Advertising cookies are not used. Instead, conversions are reported on a more general level.

This means personalized advertisements to visitors with an opt-in on marketing cookies or general advertisements based on the content of your website if there is no opt-in.

The great thing about this solution is that if you don’t opt-in, ads will still be shown. Previously this was not the case, because the ad scripts were blocked.

Google and Cookiebot

Google Consent Mode and a Consent Management Platform, such as Cookiebot.

How it works:

  • Cookiebot scans and detects all cookies and trackers on your website and automatically blocks them until the user gives his consent.
  • Cookiebot passes the consent preferences to Google Consent Mode (accepted/not accepted) which then determines the behavior of all tags and scripts of all Google services through Gtag.

Because Cookiebot Google Consent Mode respects all privacy aspects, high opt-in percentages on your marketing and analytical cookies remain relevant and desirable.

CookieInfo’s cookie banner designs integrate perfectly with Google Consent Mode, giving you full control over privacy and high opt-in percentages.

This reaffirms our choice for Cookiebot as the leading Consent Management Platform in relation to privacy of the internet user and where we can support you as a user in achieving your online goals through the correct use of cookies in combination with our custom cookie banner designs.

Cookiebot Google Consent Mode Additional Information:

Cookiebot Google Consent Mode implementation information : Cookiebot en Google Consent Mode (beta)

More information about the CookieInfo custom banners: Cookiebot custom styling cookie banner

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  • Google Consent Mode (beta) supports:
  • Analytics
  • Google Ads (Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Gtag
  • Floodlight
  • Conversion Linker

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