Cookie policy a P… in the A… for stakeholders?

Cookie policy can be a p… in the a.. for many organizations. Compliance with cookie regulations affects multiple disciplines in your company.

Marketers, web administrators and lawyers all have their own perspective on how to properly manage the use of cookies and trackers.

Can you represent the various interests surrounding cookies and the GDPR in 1 solution?
In the summer of 2017 we also had this question and then started using Cookiebot. We then started to offer our experience with this solution to customers, which is how CookieInfo was created.


As a marketer you want to use cookies & trackers to complete online objectives and measure results:

• Building profiles
• Retargeting
• A/B testing
• Social share options
• Opt-ins on cookies & trackers
• Nice user experience
• Returning website visitors


As a web administrator you want a cookie solution that has little impact on the website, is easy to implement and easy to manage:

• Integrates with your CMS
• Can use a cookie plug-in or;
• Collaborates with a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager (GTM)
• Reports on and documents which cookies & trackers are in use
• Pinpointing the location of cookies & trackers in the website


As a lawyer, you want the use of cookies and trackers to comply with cookie legislation such as the GDPR, CCPA, DSGVO and ePrivacy Regulations:

• Be assured that a cookie solution takes these laws and regulations into account
• Being able to fall back on an audit trail to support the data protection officer (DPO)
• Respect privacy and rights of website visitors
• Make the use of cookies & trackers consistent with the privacy statement and privacy policy
• Documenting cookies and knowing which processor agreements to conclude
• You can rest assured that cookies & trackers are only placed on the basis of the consent of the website visitor.

The common denominator

“Respecting the privacy of website visitors dictated by policy and regulations, while online objectives can be completed and are measurable.”

Online objectives are different for every organization. But with a website, cookies and trackers simply come into play.

For one website, cookies are related to the shopping cart, for another it is to run online campaigns and measure their success.

Being able to fall back on

The marketer, web administrator and lawyer all want to be able to rely on and fall back on a solution that connects all the pieces of the puzzle of cookies and legislation.

It turns out: By mapping out and harmonizing wishes and obligations, each of the disciplines mentioned can give substance to and achieve results with a cookie policy based on an automated cookie solution.

We think Cookiebot is a great candidate for this.

The website visitor

Oh yes, then we also have the website visitor. He hates cookie notifications.

Be transparent in your use of cookies, only place cookies if your website visitor has given permission for this (a common mistake on most websites). Prevent a cookie notification from being shown again with every visit. Present a fresh cookie notification with a clear cookie banner text and options for cookie categories. Provide the option to change or withdraw consent for cookies.

This way your website visitor comes back to your website.

You might also want to check the 10 most common mistakes regarding cookie banners.


Do you recognize issues from this blog, or do you have other experiences? We learn every day and would love to hear from you. Team CookieInfo

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