NEW: Cookie banner as part of the customer journey

A cookie banner is the first thing a new website visitor sees when entering your website.

We found a way to make your cookie banner part of the customer journey in stead of a disruption.

To be part of the customer journey instead of an interruption you can modify the cookie banner text for each landing-page, product or action. This way the content of your cookie banner aligns with your ad or post.

Modify your cookie banner text for each landing page, product or action to align it with your Facebook, Google ads, or social media posts.

Cookie banner text aligned with the Google ad.

Be transparent in the use of cookies and trackers on your website and gain trust from your website visitors. Get better results from your cookie banner by personalization.

  • Display on a specific landing page
  • Adjust text to support your (ad)campaign or social media post
  • Adjustable per landing page
  • Multilingual
  • Get higher opt-in percentages for consent

We first introduced the CookieInfo custom banner designs for Cookiebot in 2018. The designs came to life through customer requests and our challenge to get high opt-in percentages for cookie consent. You can now use our cookie banner designs in combination with the option to personalize them for your landing pages.

Balance data privacy and data-driven business on your websites.

Cookiebot personalized cookie banner content – CookieInfo landing page.
Cookiebot custom banner design on CookieInfo website.

Or click the icon to see in action.

You can now combine a GDPR compliant cookie banner design with personalization. Get high opt-in percentages for cookie consent (95% on average) and align your cookie banner content with your online ads or posts.

The code for personalizing the content of your cookie banners is available in the CookieInfo portal.

  1. Create a Cookiebot account (30 day free trial), or appoint CookieInfo as your Cookiebot reseller.
  2. Login to the CookieInfo portal for instructions on implementing a CookieInfo custom banner design in the Cookiebot cookie manager.
  3. Follow the instructions for personalizing content in your cookie banner for your landing pages.

30 day free trial Cookiebot

Cookie scanner, cookie banner, cookie declaration en cookie consent in one solution.

  • Use cookies on your website compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and cookie legislation
  • Cookie management completely automated
  • Cookie banner based on your corporate identity
  • Automatic composed cookie declaration, always up to date

The Cookiebot solution runs on 500,000+ websites, manages 13 billion User Consents and supports 40+ languages.