Prior consent enabled: no

My cookie scan report indicates “Blocked until accepted by user: no

As an important part of complying with both the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive, “prior consent” for placing cookies on your website must be implemented.

The placing of cookies is only permitted in accordance with the GDPR if consent (permission) has been given. Only an “OK” button for accepting cookies is no longer allowed. Visitors to your website should be able to easily indicate whether they want to accept, decline or manage the cookies they want to accept.
Cookies may only be placed after that. So really only if one or more categories are checked or if “accept all” is clicked. If visitors click on “Save settings” or “Accept settings” under “manage preferences” without checking a category, then no cookies may be placed, with exception of “necessary cookies in order to the properly functioning of the website.

If the cookie quick scan report or the cookie report in the Cookiebot cookie manager indicates that your website does not comply with “prior consent,” then it is most likely that you have not implemented “prior consent,” have only partially implemented it, or have configured it incorrectly.

Read more below to resolve this.

See also the article“how does automatic cookie blocking work” and how to implement it on your website.

“Blocked until accepted by user: no” The most common reasons for this are:

  1. Other scripts that can set cookies are loaded before the Cookiebot script.
    Make sure Cookiebot’s script is the first script loaded on your website. This is essential for the operation of the Cookiebot script to hold cookies until consent is obtained.
  2. Some scripts on your website may not be properly marked
    Check the attached report to find out which scripts are loaded for permission. Read the article on“manually setting up prior consent.”
    Consider switching to autoblocking mode, if you haven’t already, to let the Cookiebot script handle all the technical stuff automatically.
  3. Some scripts can be loaded via Google Tag Manager (GTM) before permission is submitted. Make sure your GTM is set to use Cookiebot permission values before loading tags that can set cookies. View the Cookiebot GTM installation guide here.
  4. Your Web site uses cookies set by your Web server before user consent is obtained. In your Cookie Report you may have cookies set by your web server, also called “serverside cookies,” these are marked as follows: Initiator: Web server. You will have to block these via server-side code, holding the cookies until permission is granted. You may need to contact your web host or web solution provider to learn more about these cookies. See the developer documentation for using Cookiebot on the server side.
  5. Unclassified cookies: Your report shows one or more unclassified cookies. Log into your Cookiebot account to properly categorize them and add a description to ensure transparency for your website users.
  6. Still having problems with missing prior authorization?
    In cases where none of the above apply, we would be happy to take a closer look at the problem and have our technicians investigate the issue. Get in touch and tell us about the problem.

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