Prior consent enabled: no

Please note: This article was originally drafted to help implement Cookiebot prior to the release of the automated cookie control functionality on September 10th 2019.
You may still be using and preferring the manual implementation and markup option. In that case this article may still be relevant for you.

For automatic cookie blocking make sure that your cookie consent banner script includes the data attribute data-blockingmode=”auto” and that “async” is removed from the script example below.

As an important part of being compliant under both the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (which will become a regulation), ‘prior consent’ has to be implemented on your website. ‘Prior consent’ is directly related to how cookies and online trackers are used on your website and whether your users’ consent is respected or not.

If the compliance test result states that your website is not compliant on ‘prior consent’ then it is most likely because you have not implemented ‘prior consent’ at all, only implemented it partially or implemented it in the wrong way.

Please not that if you have just recently signed up for Cookiebot, and have setup your account to use Automatic Cookie Blocking mode, then it may take up to 24 hours for your website to be scanned and for your cookies to automatically be blocked until consent is given.

Why does the test not take into consideration that I have manually classified the ‘unclassified cookies’ your scanner found? 

The public compliance test you are using from the front page of our website, does not consider your actual configuration in Cookiebot. This is because we do not provide your settings to the public and therefore the compliance test scanner will not be informed that you have made these manual classifications.
If you have made the necessary changes in your Cookiebot configuration, those will apply to your website, no matter what the public test states.

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