How does automatic cookie blocking work?

Cookiebot’ s ‘Automatic cookie blocking’ option has been active for a while now and is a fantastic feature to get your website(s) AVG-compliant in just a few clicks.
Automatic cookie blocking will block all cookies, except for “necessary” cookies, until a user has given his consent. (A common mistake on websites).
Based on the consent given (by category – functional, statstics, marketing), the cookies will be placed or not.

How it works.

The Cookiebot scanner scans your website and will find all cookies and trackers ( AND the scripts, iframes, videos, images, etc. that cause the cookies to be placed) that are placed by your website. Based on the scan, and in combination with the classification of the cookies in the Cookiebot manager, an automatic configuration file is created and made available to the Cookiebanner active on your website. Every time your website is scanned and every time you make a change in the manager the file will be recreated so that all the latest information is applied when using automatic cookie blocking.

To ensure that cookies are blocked correctly, you need to classify unclassified cookies. Use the monthly cookie report to see which cookies could not be classified and do this manually. Unclassified cookies are set automatically.

When a visitor visits your website, automatic cookie blocking, based on the latest configuration file, will block all cookies and trackers until the visitor has given his choice in the cookie banner.


Any script that sets a cookie is identified and verified by our algorithm (including by a “content check”, file name, path and keyword comparison) so that it can be blocked at a later time.


Script abc.js causes two cookies to be placed: a preferences cookie called favorites_page and a statistics cookie called visitors_stats.
If the website visitor only gives permission to place preference cookies, all scripts that place marketing and statistics cookies will be blocked.
In the above example, abc.js would be blocked and the preferences cookie favorites_page would NOT be placed despite the user’s consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use Cookiebot but how do I see if automatic cookie blocking is enabled?

Check the script on your website. The script should contain the following code:data-blockingmode="auto"

How long does it take to work?

Wait 24 hours. If you have just signed up for the Cookiebot website (through us), it may take up to 24 hours for your website to be fully scanned and for the automatic Cookie Blocker to work.

How do I tell if it’s working?

Check in your browser that only necessary cookies are placed on the first visit.

How is it that cookies are still placed?

Check the script: Make sure you use automatic cookie blocking.
Wait 24 hours: If you have just registered on the Cookiebot website, it can take up to 24 hours for your website to be fully scanned and for automatic cookie blocking to work.
– Make sure your script is at the very top of your website, as the very first element within your <head> element. Also, make sure your Cookiebot script does NOT include the text “async”.

I want to disable automatic cookie blocking for a particular script, is that possible?

For example, if your website is not functioning correctly, you can exclude a particular script from automatic cookie blocking by adding the following attribute: data-cookieconsent=”ignore”