Cookiebot download as JSON, import in Excel

The cookie catalogue can be exported as JSON. A JSON formatted file looks like this:

Example JSON export Cookiebot

To easily search and sort for different values or for comparing purposes it can be useful to import this JSON file in Excel. This can be done as follows:

Download the catalog as JSON in the Cookiebot manager:

Cookiebot download as JSON

In a new Excel file you select Data > Get Data > From file > From JSON

Import JSON file in Excel

Click on List next to the field cookies:

Select the cookie list

Click on Convert to table:

converter to table

Click on the icon on the top-right to select the columns. Tick the checkbox that says ‘original name as prefix’ (turn this off) and click on close & load:

Selecter the columns

The overview with the cookie catalog is now loaded into columns:

JSON import in Excel