Google certified CMP Cookiebot for publishers.

We are pleased to let you know that Cookiebot CMP is added to Google’s list of Certified CMPs. According to a statement made by Google on May 16th, publishers delivering advertising in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom through Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob will be obliged to utilize only Consent Management Platforms that have been certified by Google (CMPs).

As a Platinum Partner, we are happy that Cookiebot has achieved this result and see it as a confirmation of working with Cookiebot and the Cookiebot community to support online privacy.

Creating “a more cohesive and dependable approach to transparency and permission” and “a more privacy-conscious digital advertising ecosystem” are two of Google’s primary goals in making this change.

When it comes to protecting users’ personal information online, CookiebotTM and Google have been in the forefront from the beginning. When Google unveiled its CMP Partner Program for Google Consent Mode in September 2022, Cookiebot was one of the first accredited CMPs to join the program.

Cookiebot CMP is Google-certified, meaning it supports Google’s Additional Consent Mode and is compatible with the IAB TCF 2.0 architecture. You can read our Cookiebot CMP Installation Guide here to get started.

We are pleased to see that Cookiebot CMP is added to Google’s list of certified CMPs.

How can publishers meet Google’s CMP standards?

Existing Cookiebot CMP users need take no further action. You may relax knowing that you’ve complied with Google’s updated standards.

Not working with a certified CMP yet? Now is your time to reap the benefits of the Cookiebot CMP if you are a publisher who has not yet implemented a CMP or if your existing CMP provider is neither certified nor has plans to become certified.

Enable compliance with the new Google rule and maximize your monetization efforts with a free trial.

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