Cookie check : How do I check which cookies are set by my website?

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You can perform a cookie check manually or with a cookie scanner. It’s useful if you want to know if your website places cookies and trackers that require cookie permission.

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on the hard drive of your computer, phone or other device, at the time you visit the website. The main function of cookies is to distinguish one user from another. Your visits to Web sites also provide companies with a wealth of data. There are companies that watch as you surf, such as Facebook, Google and ad networks. Such companies store your browsing habits in cookies.

Most websites use cookies. And for all cookies and trackers other than necessary cookies, you must ask permission before placing them. In addition to the category of necessary cookies, we distinguish three more categories of cookies: preferences, statistics and marketing.

How do you check what cookies are present on your website?

The easiest browser to figure this out is Google Chrome. This can display which cookies are used for each web page displayed.

In Google Chrome, open an Incognito window and insert the address of your website.

  1. Click the lock icon in the browser URL box.
  2. Click on cookies. You can also see right here how many cookies are placed.
  3. The active cookies on your web page are displayed. For more information, click on the little triangles in front of it.
Cookie check Google Chrome : Check what cookies your website sets
Cookie check Google Chrome: Check what cookies your website sets

In Edge, open an InPrivate window and navigate to your website.

  1. Press F12 (or go to the dots at the top right, more utilities, then developer utilities).
  2. The developer tool opens.
  3. Go to storage – cookies. Here you can see which cookies are loaded on the page.
Cookie check Microsoft Edge: Check what cookies your website is setting
Cookie check Microsoft Edge: check which cookies your website sets
Check which cookies are loaded on your website -Edge - F12
Check which cookies are loaded on your website -Edge – F12

Want to know which cookies and trackers are present on your website? Find our with a Cookie QuickScan.

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For which cookies do I need permission from the website visitor?

Most websites use cookies. And for all cookies, except necessary cookies, you must ask permission before setting them. In addition to the category of necessary cookies, we distinguish three more categories: preferences, statistics and marketing.

Cookie check examples:

Do you encounter cookies from DoubleClick or Facebook, for example? Then you’re dealing with marketing cookies. Or do you see cookies from Google Analytics or Hotjar, for example? Then you are dealing with statistical cookies. Cookies that “remember” settings of language or other website support things for you through a cookie are functional or the so-called preferences cookies.
These 3 cookie categories may only be loaded after you have obtained permission from the website visitor. Unfortunately, what we still see far too often is that although there is a cookie notification, cookies are already loaded in the background.

Cookies consent : cookies being set before consent is given.
Cookies are loaded before consent is given

Note with this. After all, you want to respect the privacy of your website visitor and it is not compliant with the GDPR.

Do you come across cookies on your website and are they including preferences, statistical and marketing cookies? Then you will have to go with a cookie solution on your website.

A cookie scanner helps you automatically map the cookies on your website. Instead of manually figuring it out, use the cookie scanner to check the cookies on your website.

30% of cookies and trackers change monthly

Did you know. 30% of the cookies and trackers on your website change monthly. Working with a cookie scanner saves a lot of time.

With the advent of the GDPR, not only must you have a cookie notice that informs about your cookie use, but you will have to be able to identify and describe each cookie used on your website.

In addition, you will need to be able to identify who is the provider of the cookie. A cookie scanner offers a solution here because it not only scans but also immediately classifies cookies into the appropriate cookie category: necessary, preferences, statistics and marketing.

The cookie scanner will also find out who the provider of the cookie is, for example Youtube, Facebook, Google, etc., as well as the purpose of the cookie in question, or in other words: what this cookie or tracker is used for.

  • Prevents cookies from being loaded before consent is given
  • Offers visitors the opportunity to make a choice and modify or revoke given consent entirely
  • Describes all cookies on your website (very useful using a cookie scanner)
  • Records the choice made for cookie consent by visitors in a consent log.

Learn more

Want to learn more about the GDPR requirements and the use of cookies on your website? If so, please read our Cookie Policy Guide.

Are you interested in how to obtain high opt-ins on marketing cookies? Then also read our Marketing Cookie Guide.

Want to know what cookies and trackers are present on your website? Request a Quickscan .

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