Cookiebot default banner

The default Cookiebot cookie banner design can be customized. Colors, position and buttons can be modified to fit your requirements. If you need more control over the design you can use one of our custom cookie banner designs. You can customize the template to fit your own needs.

Cookiebot custom banner

Want a custom style for your Cookiebot cookie banner (HTML, CSS, colors, logo etc.)? Use our custom cookie banner template designs. You can add your own branding to make sure the cookie banner fits your corporate identity. The cookie banners are more compact and only show the required and most important information to fit your users needs. (Scroll down for the cookie banners).

Below a selection of our custom cookie banner template designs. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript files are available for the user so these can also be used as a Cookiebot custom template for your own cookie banner design.

  • Fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Customize buttons and hyperlink colors to your corporate identity.
  • Your own logo can be inserted.
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript available.
  • Accessible, operate with Tab, Space and Enter keys.
  • Two screens.
  • When the website visitor clicks “Accept and continue”, all cookies will be loaded.
  • If the visitor clicks on “Manage cookies” the second screen is displayed. The visitor can then make a choice in consent options as the options are unchecked by default.

Custom banner #1

Push down cookie banner, non-sticky full width on the top of the page.

Custom banner #2

Compact cookie banner in the middle of the screen. Focussed on optimal Opt-in.

Favorite among marketeers. Average opt-in percentage of 95%

Custom banner #3

Same as #2 but with option to directly choose for necessary cookies .

Custom banner #4

Cookie banner slides in from the bottom over the full width of the page.

Also possible on the top:
Preview top-version

Custom banner #5

Change cookie settings with sliders instead of checkboxes.

Average opt-in percentage of 95% is possible

Custom banner #6

Noyb – Schrems cookie banner. Decline button has same design as accept button.

LEGAL ICT – specialists in legal advice about the Internet and IT assessed to what extent the custom banners comply with applicable laws and regulations. LEGAL ICT states that the cookie consent banner designs comply with current cookie legislation and GDPR regulations.

Additional information (for your security- or privacy officer) can be found in the whitepaper.

Google reviews – CookieInfo 4.6

Melvin Woudenberg | socialbrothers

Super good help, thinking along and proactive advice. In addition, the tool does exactly what it should do.

Danny de Haan | frankwatching

At Frankwatching we have had a very nice collaboration with CookieInfo for over a year now. If we have any questions, we will get an answer quickly.

Michel Verdoes | bax-shop

Excellent help with implementation and support! Fast response to questions, personal attention and solution-oriented – great to work with CookieInfo!

Normal price Euro 695,- excluding VAT per domain, now free of charge in combination with a Cookiebot subscription.

Not a Cookiebot customer yet?

  1. Create a Cookiebot account  with CookieInfo as your reseller.  
  2. Add your domain(s) in the cookie manager.
  3. Wait until your website is scanned (and you receive the scan-report). This can take up to 24 hours depending on the size of your website.
  4. You will receive an email with login credentials for our portal. You can download the cookie banner designs in the portal.

Already a Cookiebot customer?

  1. Follow the steps for adding CookieInfo as your partner. This will make us your reseller.
  2. When this process is completed you will receive an email with login credentials for our portal. You can download the cookie banner designs in the portal.
  3. Your current settings and invoicing through Cookiebot remain in tact at no additional costs*.

* CookieInfo receives a kickback fee from Cookiebot for users who sign up through us as a reseller. This enables us to provide you with the custom cookie banners and first line support.

  • With a FREE version it’s not possible (technically) to use the custom cookie banner designs.
    If your website is categorized to use the FREE version you will have to upgrade to a premium subscription to use the custom cookie banner designs.
  • The custom cookie banner designs can only be used as long as CookieInfo is your designated partner in your Cookiebot account.

Respect the privacy of your website visitors. Get more out of your cookies together with CookieInfo.

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