Use multiple banners on the same website (support both CCPA & GDPR compliance)

Please note this feature is available for premium subscriptions only as multiple domain groups is a requirement for this to work.

This feature allows you to run multiple configurations for the same domain without any extra costs if implemented correctly. Read carefully below!

Looking for a guide on how to setup your Cookiebot configurations for CCPA? You can find it here.

If you would like to display different banners, with different configurations to visitors from specific countries or from California, you may do so by following this guide. Please note that configuring geo regions in the script as described in this article will overwrite settings made for geo limitations in the distribution section of the platform.

Step 1: Configure your domain groups

The way to configure support for multiple legislation on the same domain(s) is through additional domain groups. The additional domain groups can function as separate configurations in terms of banner template, behavior, functionality, styling and content. 

You do not need to change your existing domain groups or their configuration.

For each new country specific implementation of the banner you will create a new domain group.

Important: Do not add any domains to the new domain groups you create!

Only one domain group should contain your domain. This is the primary domain group where scans, cookie classification and reporting is maintained. 

The subsequent domain groups you create should NOT have any domains added. If they do, you may be charged for additional scans.

Step 2: Implement the configuration on your website

You will take the script for the banner from your main domain group – find it under “Your scripts”:

<script id="Cookieconsent" src="" 
data-cbid="00000000-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-000000000000" data-blockingmode="auto" 

Edit the script to add a new attribute named “data-georegions” with the following value: 


The configuration consists of a region for the domain group configuration to be activated in and the domain group ID of the configuration you would like to use.

REGION_ID is the country code of the country you want the banner to display to, eg NL for The Netherlands, FR for France and so on – Please find a complete list of REGION_IDs in this article.

YOUR_DOMAIN_GROUP_ID is specific to the domain group with the banner you would want to display. Find the domain group ID under Your scripts, in the domain group you want to use in an alternative configuration.

EXAMPLE: To configure an alternative banner to be displayed to visitors in California for instance, use the REGION_ID: US-06 – your script should now look similar to this (only the two cbid values should differ)

<script id="Cookieconsent" src="" 
data-cbid="00000000-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-000000000000" data-blockingmode="auto" 

Notice the new addition to the script in highlighted bold.

Step 3: Implement the cookie declaration on your website

You will now take the script for the cookie declaration from your main domain group, just below the script for the banner – again find it under “Your scripts”:

<script id="Cookiepolicy" 
type="text/javascript" async></script>

Edit this in the same manner as above by adding the data-georegions attribute with the regions and domain group IDs.

Your end result will be similar to this:

<script id="Cookiepolicy" 
type="text/javascript" async 

Add multiple alternative configurations for different regions:

You can add more than one alternative banner or configuration by listing region and cbid pairs as comma-separated values inside a “data-georegions” attribute like shown here:

<script id="Cookieconsent" src="" 
data-cbid="00000000-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-000000000000" data-blockingmode="auto" 

The same approach works for the cookie declaration script.

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