How to set up CCPA configuration for a new domain

Setting up your Cookiebot subscription for CCPA compliance is easy. Follow the steps below and you are all set.

Please note: If you are already using Cookiebot for GDPR and ePR compliance, follow the guide below to setup your CCPA configuration and then see this article on how to setup coexisting configurations on your website to be displayed depending on the visitor’s location.

Step 1: Add your domain

Important! If this is part of a multi-legislation setup with a domain already configured for GDPR/ePR, please leave this field empty!

Step 2: Configure your banner type

Navigate to the Dialog pane and choose the banner type: Do Not Sell (Opt-in) in the drop down for “Type”.

The display banner setting:

The checkbox next to “Display banner” decides how the configuration behaves. 

Mark the checkbox if you would like the banner to display and offer the “Do not sell my personal information” option to all new visitors (a CCPA requirement under some circumstances including when targeting visitors under the age of 16).

Displaying the banner gives the user a choice whether to opt in or opt out, before any cookies are set and any tracking executed.

If left unticked, the banner will not be displayed. This means that all visitors automatically opt in to the cookies and tracking on your website.

You will instead need to point to your privacy policy (With the Cookiebot cookie declaration embedded) to offer an opt-out option and provide required information through our cookie declaration.

We recommend that you link to this as part of your standard template so your privacy policy is easily accessible from all pages on your website.

Unsure about what the right configuration is for you? Find more information in our blog post on CCPA. 

Geo location settings:

If you’d like to limit the banner to be displayed only to visitors from California, you can do so by configuring “Distribution” at the bottom of the page: 

Step 3: Get your scripts 

Navigate to the “Your scripts” pane and follow instructions to insert your banner and cookie declaration on your website.

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