Gtm4wp Cookiebot extension plugin

If you are using the popular plugin Google Tag Manager for WordPress, also known as Gtm4wp and you also want to use Cookiebot’s automatic cookie blocking feature. This extension plugin is made for you!

As described in the article Google Tag Manager and automatic cookie blocking you have to add the property data-cookieconsent=”ignore” to the Google Tag Managers’s script tag. This will ensure that Google Tag Manager will always be allowed load.

With the Gtm4wp plugin this is not a built-in feature. Please also check the article gtm4wp compatible with CookieBot’s automatic cookie blocking mode?

As described by the author you will have to either set the container placement option in plugin settings to “Off” and place the container code manually into your site or you can work with your programmer to write a WordPress hook using the gtm4wp_get_the_gtm_tag hook.

In case you are not a programmer we put this hook in a small plugin which you can download here for free.

Download: gtm4wp cookiebot extension plugin

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