How to install the cookie solution on your website?

To correctly implement the Cookiebot cookie solution on your website, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create a Cookiebot account

  • Sign up to create an account.
  • Fill in the form and accept the terms of service.

Cookiebot create account


Log in to your account

  • Log in to your account and add your website domain name(s).
  • Save. The website will now be scanned (please allow up to 24 hours for the scan to complete).


Cookiebot cookiemager

Step 2. Insert 2 scripts on your website to make the cookie consent banner and Cookie Declaration appear

Step 2. Insert 2 scripts on your website to make the cookie consent banner and Cookie Declaration appear. Read our manual for further instructions. Need help? Ask your website engineer. Still need help? Send us an e-mail an we will assist you.

Step 3. Prior consent

To round off, when the website scan is complete, check your scan report. If there are any unclassified cookies, log in to your account and under “Cookies” make sure to classify them and add a short purpose description. This classification helps ensure that all cookies and trackers on your website (except for ‘strictly necessary’ cookies) will automatically be blocked until a user has given consent. Only those categories of cookies the user has consented to will be activated upon consent – all other cookies will be held back automatically.

You can disable the automatic cookie blocking feature and make a manual implementation of Cookiebot instead by following our manual implementation guide.

Step 4. Make adjustments to the cookie consent banner you want to display on your website

Go to “Settings” and “Dialog” and choose your cookie consent banner. The default banner is configured with the strictest settings possible (suitable for cookie consent under GDPR and ePR).

Under “Settings” and “Content”, edit the default banner text so it fits your website and legal requirements.

Would you like to use our custom banner? If you created a premium subscription (or 30-days trial) you likely have receive an e-mail with instructions on how to log in to our portal. Log in to our portal and download the custom banner of your liking. Implementation instructions are included.


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